When is Reddcoin Going to Moon?

When you make it moon. Yes, YOU. Reddcoin isn’t going to moon because of tulip bulb mania.  If Reddcoin moons, it’s because it blew up.  Who’s going to make Reddcoin blow up?  The developers? No, those guys need to spend their time working on the tech, we can’t expect them to do the marketing too.… Continue reading When is Reddcoin Going to Moon?


The Return of Rubber Bullets.

Word’s beginning to spread about this thing and Pinal County’s employment of it. Presenting the DEFENZIA PB-4.  This is an electrically fired 4 barrel pepperbox that lobs rubber bullets delivering approximately 90 joules onto target. When you compare the Defenzia vs the Tazer several points come up. In the Defenzia’s favor: You have 4 shots before… Continue reading The Return of Rubber Bullets.